The World Before 1066

The world of medieval Europe was complex and often involved many conflicts. England in the year 1066 was no different. The English defended against two invasion attempts and finally fell to a third in what is most likely the most famous battle of medieval England. The results of this historic year would forever change Europe as the Vikings finally lost power and the French duke William expanded his territory from Normandy to England, with England paying the heaviest price.

Three men dominate the legends of 1066, Harold Godwinson of England, Harald Hardrada of Norway, and Duke William of Normandy. Each with his own experiences and claim to the English throne, the three took their territories to battle over the title of King of England. With the most legitimate and stable claim to the throne, Harold Godwinson defended the English crown and territories against military invasions for the majority of his short reign. But who were these three men who sacrificed everything for control of England?